Three Services That Commercial Locksmiths Offer That You May Be Unaware Of

When you think of a commercial locksmith, the tasks that they complete that are first to come to your mind include rekeying a commercial building or installing touch lock systems throughout a building. But commercial locksmiths offer more services aside from just changing the locks and the locking systems on a commercial building. Here are three of the services that commercial locksmiths typically offer that you may be unaware of. 

Repairing Broken Locks

Commercial locksmiths do more than just change out locks. In many cases, they can also repair broken locks. Did a burglar try to pry a door open and mangle your lock? Before you replace the lock, and then be forced to replace all of the other locks on your building that utilizes the same key, consider having a locksmith attempt to try to repair the lock. Or do you have a lock that just won't open, even though you have the key? Before you attempt to destroy a file cabinet or safe, a locksmith may be able to repair the broken lock and get the key working again. 

Installing Punch Code Locks

Punch code locks can be used in a variety of places to help secure your building and the assets in your building. A commercial locksmith can install punch code locks on the doors, ensuring anyone without the code cannot enter. But these locks can also be installed on many other objects, including safes, large storage containers, dumpsters and even the controls to the heating or cooling system. If you are looking to secure anything in or on your commercial building, a punch code lock may be used. 

Installing Door Sensors and Alarms

The last service that commercial locksmiths offer that you may not be aware of is the installation of door sensors and alarms. When you get a new alarm, the alarm may install the initial sensors and alarms. But if you upgrade your door or change out the alarm, you may be on your own. A commercial locksmith can install, move or change out your door sensors and alarms on your behalf, helping to ensure your commercial building is as secure as possible. 

If you own a commercial building or warehouse, it is important to know what services the locksmith offers. You may be in need of services that the locksmith offers without even knowing it. If you need any of these services, contact a commercial locksmith today.