Ways That You Can Inadvertently Get Your Vehicle's Ignition Jammed

The last thing that you want when you stick your car key into the ignition is to not be able to turn it and start your car, but this is exactly what can take place at times. Although this issue is relatively rare, it will leave you stranded and in need of help. Fortunately, an automotive locksmith can get you out of this "jam" by visiting your location and fixing the problem. Whether the automotive locksmith needs to make a repair to the vehicle's ignition, cut you a new key, or both, you'll be back on the road before too long. Here are some ways that you may inadvertently get your vehicle's ignition jammed.

Bent Key

The key to your car can occasionally get bent, often without your knowledge. For example, this key could be on the same key ring as your house key. If your house key is in the lock on your front door with the car key hanging from the key ring, and the door slams, the car key could get trapped between the door and the frame and bent. If you're not aware that the key is bent, you may jam it into the car's ignition where it gets stuck and won't turn. 

Improper Entry Angle

Generally, you'll slide your car key into the ignition at the right angle. However, perhaps when you're in a rush to get the key where it needs to go, you might jam it in at an improper angle. Sometimes, you'll be unable to get the key in far enough; other times, the key will get jammed in the ignition and you won't be able to pull it out or turn it. While an automotive locksmith can help you in this situation, it's best to always take an extra second to ensure that you insert the key at the correct angle.

Worn-Out Ignition

If your vehicle is extremely old, the ignition can simply get worn out for many years of constant use. This may mean that the interior of the ignition no longer meets up correctly with the car key, resulting in you not being able to turn the key to start the vehicle. Unlike the previous two scenarios, your behavior isn't really to blame in this case — but you will need to call an automotive locksmith to have the problem addressed before you can get back on the road.