Four Important Types Of Locks To Consider For Your Home

When building your home, something you may not give much thought to is what kind of locks you use.  However, locks are what stand between us and potential threats to our homes or families.  If there have been burglaries in your area, what kind of locks you chose isn't something you want to be second guessing.  Check out this list of four common locks and talk to your locksmith to decide what kind you should choose:

Jimmy-Proof Deadbolts

Jimmy proof deadbolts are special because of the way the deadbolt interlocks, making it impossible to open from the outside. If you're improving your security, a jimmy-proof deadbolt is a great idea because they are so easy to install.  Just drill them straight into the door.  Place your deadbolt high on your door to prevent children from playing with it or opening the door.

Euro Profile Cylinders

These locks are most commonly used in Europe, but in the US people tend to use them on sliding glass doors.  You might be overlooking your glass doors as a potential entry site for burglars, but it would be easy for a burglar to let himself or herself into your patio area and force open your sliding door.  If Euro profile cylinder locks are the wrong size or improperly installed, they can easily be broken open.  


Deadbolts are common on the exterior door of American homes.  However, most Americans only have a single deadbolt with a thumb-turn, which means a burglar could come into your house through the window and then unlock your door from the inside.  To avoid this problem replace your single with a double cylinder deadbolt, which requires you to use a key from either side of the door.  If you're looking to increase security or childproof your house, get a double cylinder deadbolt or lockable thumb-turn instead. 

Knob Locks

Knob locks are commonly used on exterior doors in the US, but if your primary security is a knob lock, it's time to get a deadbolt in addition to it.  Knob locks are very unsafe because the locking mechanism is located in the knob, not the door.  This means that a burglar could easily knock off the lock with a hammer and get into your house.  

Whether you're building your first home or rethinking your security, this list should help you identify the best locks to keep your family safe. Contact a company like All Lock Inc for more information and assistance.