Make Your Home's Locking System Childproof

When you have a child in your home, your home locking system may need a revamp both to keep your child safe and to keep your home safe from your child. Here are some of the additional security features to consider adding.

Add Magnetic Latches

Magnetic latches involve a powerful magnet that you can use to effectively seal a drawer or door shut. They are easy for adults to open, but younger kids won't be strong enough to pull the magnets apart. You could use these to seal refrigerator or freezer doors, for instance.

Consider Adding Electronic Locks

Installing electronic locks will benefit everyone, not just your child. They are easier to use, since you will only need to remember a pin code rather than carrying keys around with you. That makes life much easier for children, who may be prone to losing keys and compromising the entire home's security.

Covering Door Knobs

If you leave a small child in your home, you probably want to ensure that they stay there. Making your door knobs harder to operate, from a child's perspective, is the way to go. While placing knobs up high is a good first step, it's not enough protection to ensure that a child doesn't reach them and go outside. You could install door knob covers as an additional measure to prevent kids from operating the door knobs while you're not paying attention.

Safeguarding Drawers

There are probably many drawers in your home that you don't want your kids getting into. They could be drawers with sharp cooking utensils. Or they could be drawers that contain fragile items.

Financial paper drawers are another place where kids have no business. For those areas, you have a few options. Aside from the magnetic strips idea mentioned above, you could create another set of locks for these special drawers. They can be made to feature a master key so that you only need one extra key to cover all drawer locks. Or, you could remove some of these items into a separate safe that involves a pin code or padlock.

If you are ready to add some additional security features to your house but you aren't sure which ones would be appropriate, then call your local locksmith services for advice. They can use information about what you have set up now to recommend the best upgrades, based on your child's age and your budget.