Take These Simple Steps To Secure Your Family's New Home Before Moving In

Before you move your family and belongings into your newly purchased home, you first need to take some simple steps to ensure that it is safe and secure. While you may be in a hurry to move in your stuff and excited to move in your family, you should not do so until you know the home is secure. 

Take these simple steps to secure your new home and protect your family members and belongings from theft and other crimes from the first day you move in:

Have a Locksmith Change All of the Locks on the Property

Before you move a single item into your home, garage, or a shed on your new property, you must have the locks changed. Since you have no way of knowing how many people have had keys to your home, your home is never secure until you have new locks. 

Verify that All Window Locks Work and Are in the Locked Position

While you are waiting for the locksmith to come change the locks in your new home, walk around and check to verify all of the windows have working locks. Put all of the locks in the "locked" position and pull on the windows to make sure they work correctly. If your home has older windows that have key locks, then you can have the locksmith change the locks in the window locks while they are there changing the locks in your doors.

Put Blinds or Curtains on All Windows

Since someone doesn't need to physically enter your home to spy on your family or take photographs of your children, you should install window coverings on all windows before you move in. Keeping windows covered with blinds and curtains allows light into your home and blocks the view of passersby so they can't watch your family from the street in front of your home or from the homes around yours.

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors and Swap Contact Information

Even if you tend to keep to yourself and not socialize in your neighborhood, before you move into your new house, you should make it a point to visit your neighbors and introduce yourself and your family. When you meet, ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for suspicious activity around your home and ensure them that you will do the same for them. Finally, swap contact information with your neighbors so you can easily contact each other if there is an issue. 

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