Tips For Identifying A Safe And Secure Hotel

If you are taking your family on a road trip across the country this summer, then it is important that you know how to determine the safety of hotels that you find along the way. Whether the surrounding neighborhood looks safe or sketchy, there are some safety aspects that you should look for before you rent a hotel room for the night. 

Here are some tips for identifying safe and secure hotels while you are traveling in unfamiliar areas of the country this summer:

Tip: Choose Hotels with Limited Access to Guestroom Doors

If you have a choice of multiple hotels in a particular area, you should choose one that has limited outside access to the guestroom doors. For example, if the hotel has one entrance where the reservation desk is located and everyone visiting has to enter through this door, then the hotel has some control over who will be walking outside your room. However, if you choose a hotel that is a long building with parking spaces outside of each door, then anyone can drive right up to your door. You should always choose the option with less access to where your family is sleeping.

Tip: Choose Hotels that Use Key Cards Rather than Metal Keys

Before you rent a room for the night, ask to see one of the rooms. Check to make sure that the hotel uses reprogrammable key cards rather than metal keys. This ensures that no one else will have a key to your hotel room while you sleep.

Tip: Choose Hotels with Doors that Have Deadbolt Locks and Peepholes

As you are checking out your potential hotel room, check to make sure that the door has a deadbolt lock and a peephole. The deadbolt lock will make it nearly impossible for anyone to break into your room while you are there, and the peephole allows you to check visitors out before you open the door for them.

Tip: Choose Hotels with Window Locks on All Windows

As you are checking your potential hotel room before renting it, you should also check to ensure that all of the windows have secure locks installed on them. Window locks are especially important if you will be renting a hotel room that is on the first floor or at the rear of the building.

Tip: Choose Hotels with Well-Lit Parking and Other Exterior Areas

Finally, when you are on a long trip and have many personal items in your vehicle, it is vital that you choose to stay at a hotel that has well-lit and secure parking areas. Additionally, the entire exterior of the hotel should be lit so that everyone can be seen. Well-lit areas prevent theft because thieves prefer to work under the cover of darkness.

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