4 Romantic Locksmith Gifts Ideal For Valentine's Day

When one thinks of a locksmith, the term romance doesn't typically come to mind. But as you're planning your Valentine's Day celebration with a loved one, think outside the box and find out how a locksmith can help you put together a number of romantic gifts. By planning ahead of time, you can use various locksmith services to plan one of four Valentine's Day surprises. Each gift is filled with a little romance that can go a long way in your celebration of love and companionship.

House and Apartment Keys

If you're ready to take the relationship one step further, then you can rely on the services of a locksmith to make a copy of your house or apartment key. The extra key will show that you are open to your partner coming to visit anytime they want. The gift of a key can also act as a symbol or invitation to move in permanently and take the relationship to the next level.

If you're looking for an invite to the house, but still seek some privacy, then you can hire a locksmith to set up a master key system. With a master key system, you will get a key that grants you access to every lock in the house. A copied key for your significant other will only give them access to the front door. This helps add extra security without granted full access to your whole home.

Love Locks

Showcase your bond and devotion to a partner by purchasing a love lock. A love lock is a symbolic lock that is attached to bridges, fences, and other public areas as a declaration of your love. You can attach the lock somewhere and take your partner to it, or gift the lock and then attach it somewhere together. When visiting a locksmith business, look for a lock with a smooth front on it. The smooth area allows you to easily carve into the rock. You can carve initials, a date, or a special method of love. Some locksmiths may even offer professional engraving so you can have a clear and concise message placed directly on the lock.

After the purchase of your first love lock, the gift could become an annual tradition where the locks are placed at some of your favorite locations annually. It's a great way to bond and build memories with your partner.

Skeleton Key Crafts

Locksmiths are often up to date with modern lock technology, but they also have a large collection of older locks and keys. A locksmith shop is a great place to purchase antique skeleton keys. These keys have a rustic look and unique shape to them. The head of the key can often be found in a romantic heart shape. When you purchase a skeleton key from a locksmith, you can use the creation to make a number of romantic crafts for Valentine's Day.

One of the easiest crafts is a skeleton key necklace. After purchasing a necklace band, you can weave the skeleton key through the material to have a great custom piece. Materials like gold and silver match well with the skeleton key and make a great gift.

Romantic Gag Gifts

Have a little romantic fun with your loved one by gifting them something that isn't exactly what it appears to be. A diversion safe is made to look like another object, but actually holds a safe inside. For example, your spouse may open a gift that looks like a jar of peanut butter. When the bottom is unscrewed, a secret safe compartment is revealed. These small gifts are great for holding pieces of jewelry, spare keys, and extra cash. Along with peanut butter, you can find diversion safes in the shape of soda cans, books, or cleaning products. Choose a safe that will create a fun laugh, but still provide a nice area to store valuables.

Browse around a locksmith shop, such as Key One Inc, to see what other types of romantic gifts you can come up with. By thinking outside the box, you can surprise a loved one with a completely unique Valentine's Day experience.