Five Myths You Should Know About Home Security

In 2013, there were nearly 2 million burglaries across the United States. With such widespread crime, it's important that you don't underestimate your home security. As a new homeowner, you've probably heard all kinds of things about how to protect your home without investing in a security system or why you don't really need to worry about home security. In fact, here are a few of the most common home security myths and the truth that your locksmith wants you to know.

"Relax! You're in a Nice Neighborhood!"

This is a common statement made to people who live in affluent neighborhoods or gated communities. The perception is often that the home wouldn't be targeted because it's less likely that there would be criminals in the area. Unfortunately, living in a well-to-do neighborhood isn't going to exempt you from risk. Many would-be burglars will actually travel a significant distance from their homes to reach a more affluent area where they have the potential of obtaining more valuable items. Even gated communities aren't complete protection. There are many potential areas of vulnerabilities where a would-be burglar could gain access to a gated community. You need to be proactive about your home security no matter where you live.

"Just get a dog – you'll be fine."

One of the oldest recommendations for new homeowners has always been to get a dog for home security. While it's true that some burglars are discouraged by dogs, that isn't always the case. There are some dog breeds that are naturally eager to please people. Those dogs can easily be bribed or may try to befriend the intruder. Additionally, a dog cannot alert the authorities to a break-in the way that a centrally-wired alarm system can.

"Don't Worry About Burglary – Your Insurance Company Will Replace it All Anyway."

Although your homeowners insurance will reimburse you for many things that are lost in a burglary, you can't necessarily replace everything. After all, you may lose some personal items that are family heirlooms or have specific sentimental value. The insurance company cannot replace those things, nor can they replace the memories that were associated with them. Items like this that are particularly important to your family should be stored in a fireproof floor or wall safe instead. That way, it isn't as easy to find or steal these things even if your home is broken into.

"You Don't Have Anything Expensive Enough to Steal."

Although you might think that burglars are after the most expensive things they can find in an effort to make as much as they can quickly, the truth is that sometimes a burglar might find it easier to take a lot of smaller things that aren't worth as much. Not only might they be able to carry more of them, but they're often harder to track, too. This makes it easier to sell them and turn a profit, because it's harder to identify them as stolen. Don't underestimate how important it is to secure your property, even if you don't think there's anything of value in it.

"You Don't Need an Alarm During the Day."

Another common misconception about home security is that you don't need it during the day because burglaries only happen at night. The truth is, break-ins can even happen during the day, especially if your home has an easy entrance that's shielded by bushes or trees. Make sure that it's difficult to access or enter your home without being seen or triggering an alarm system.

By understanding the myths and the truth behind them, you can more easily keep your home secure and protected from burglars. Talk with a local locksmith about the options available to you for an alarm system that will connect your home to the authorities. You can click here for info on locksmith and security services in your area.