5 Useful Thank-You Gifts To Give Emergency Locksmiths

Whether you're locked out of your car, home or business, the situation can be nerve-wracking and stressful. When you hire a professional locksmith for lockouts, they can be at your location within minutes and help you get into the necessary lock. Locksmiths take a lot of extra time for these emergency calls, leaving family, friends, and personal lives. It's common to want to show your gratefulness for a job well done. If you have the need to call a locksmith, then there five different gifts you can use to say "thank you." The gifts are all useful for a locksmith and can help you build a good relationship with the business.

Hand & Feet Warmers

During winters and late at night, locksmiths can often deal with cold temperatures as they help customers get into vehicles, homes, and other exterior locks. Show a small gift of gratitude with a package of hand and feet warmers. The warmers activate instantly, giving body parts pure warmth to get through the cold temperatures and wind chills. The small packages are easy for a locksmith to fit in their work vehicle and can easily be tucked into a "Thank You" card if you choose to send one.

Hand and feet warmers are also a nice gesture that will not break your budget. They can often be found at most dollar stores and are easy to purchase.


Visibility is essential for locksmiths who need to access keyholes. The tools they use require a lot of small movements and a lot of light will help make the process easier. Purchasing small flashlights are great ways to give a locksmith extra visibility in emergency situations. There are multiple types of flashlights you can consider giving a locksmith.

A pocket flashlight is easy to carry and packs a powerful stream of light for locks and keyholes. A key chain flashlight is easy to attach to a company's vehicle key ring. This makes it easy to access a light at any time. A flashlight headband allows a locksmith to get extra light without using up one of their hands. Gifting this type of light will allow them to work faster as both of their hands remain free.


Working with locks, picks, and professional tools can be rough on the hands. Provide a little support for your emergency locksmith by gifting them a nice pair of gloves. A general pair of work gloves will typically work fine, as the locksmith uses them to grip tools while protecting their skin as needed.

During your locksmith appointment, you may even notice the type of gloves that a worker is using. By looking up these gloves, you can order extra pairs for the person to have on hand during their shift.

Coffee & Beverage Gift Cards

Working emergency hours can lead to the need for caffeine for many locksmith workers. A small gift card to a local coffee shop can help supply a few beverages for the worker when they are on the road. During the appointment, you can ask them about their drink of choice or just purchase a gift card to a nearby business or chain. This can go a long way in providing a nice treat for the locksmith after they have helped you.

Free Advertising & Word of Mouth

Supporting the locksmith business is one of the best ways to show gratitude and appreciation for any lockout situation you are in. After the lock is opened and you are allowed back in the home, you can request some promotional materials from the locksmith. This can include magnets, key chains, yard signs, or even t-shirts. By sporting the promotional products, you are getting the business name out there and supporting the great service that you received. Even if they do not have any on hand, the business could possibly mail some products to you or drop them off on a future date.

Showing appreciation and spreading positive word of a mouth is a great way to have a giving community. A lot of these steps take very little effort, but can go a long way!